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Top 7 places to camp in the world

Nov 28 , 2021 Admin

Looking forward to a new adventure this summer? Tired of staying at home or doing indoor activities? Craving for freedom and being one with nature? We hear you. The answer is simple, camping! Why not go camping with your friends and loved ones and make the most of your holiday? We have provided the top 7 camping places in the world. The pictures of the camping destinations are enough to convince you to visit those destinations!

camping! Why not go camping with your friends and loved ones and make the most of your holiday

Lichnos camp, Greece

Located on the Greek coastline, this camp offers tourists the opportunity to enjoy camping under olive trees that are over 500 years old. It is also close to the sea, where visitors can enjoy fishing and eating seafood.

Calgary Beach Camp, Scotland

This camp, located in Scotland, has soft white sand and a beautiful view of the beach where you can see the otters and other types of exotic marine animals.

Barafundle Bay, Wales

The Bay of Parmondel is an ideal hideaway between the golden beaches of the south of Pembrokeshire in the principality of Wales, surrounded by sand dunes and pine trees from each side. Barafundle Bay is one of the most beautiful camping areas in the world and you definitely shouldn’t miss out on it!

Cape Range National Park, Australia

Located on the border of the Niagalu countryside, there are more than 100 camping spots along the beach. Tourists can enjoy swimming in the warm waters, watching tropical fish, coral reefs, and many other marine animals.

Bays of Fire, Australia

The camp is famous for its pure white sands and the free-of-charge entry for guests. The Bay of Fire camp has several restaurants that offer seafood specialties with stunning views such as black parrots, colorful sea lions, and beautiful landscapes.

Pangong Tso lake, India

Located in India, Pangong Tso lake welcomes its visitors with its beautiful crystal-like view, surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Moreover, local residents offer tents and blankets to tourists against the cold weather.

Jabal Al Jais, UAE

Jabal Al Jais is the United Arab Emirates’ tallest mountain. Known for its naturally carved rocks and stunning view, the journey towards this majestic mountain will take your breath away. At night, the temperature becomes cool and chilly, making an overnight camp breezy and relaxing!