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Where to go in August?

Nov 30 , 2021 Admin

August is when temperature is at its highest in UAE, but you don’t have to wilt in the heat. Neither do you have to stay confined within the cosy comforts of your home. Remember, many touristy parts of the world have a pleasant climate at this time of the year. With the school reopening still a distant reality, this is your chance to go on an annual holiday, if you haven’t already. We have hand-picked some interesting locations and experiences for you to explore this August. So get off your couch, pack your bags and just go.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland

With the Brexit and the resultant drop in the UK pound, holidaying anywhere in the UK has become cheaper than before. We chose Scotland because this charming country can get freezing cold after a couple of months. And we zeroed in on Edinburgh, because this capital city hosts the fascinating Edinburgh Fringe Festival every August. The vibrant Fringe Festival is the world’s largest art festival and brings together artists and performers from theatre, dance, comedy, music and opera.Thousands of artists from different parts of the world take to the stage in this exuberant open access festival and showcase their chosen performances.This is undoubtedly a visual spectacle you will cherish. So if you are planning a holiday there, we can arrange a tour package which will give you a complete Edinburgh experience.

White water rafting, Slovenia

August is also the best time to flirt with danger and indulge in some summer adventure. And we zoom in on Slovenia as it opens door to some amazing adventure activities. For an enthusiastic traveller, this lovely country has lined up a horde of outdoor recreational activities to indulge in. The most popular choice of adventure here is of course the white-water rafting. Blessed with plenty of narrow canyons, slow rivers and high mountain lakes, Slovenia offers a spectacular white-water rafting experience. And if this experience leaves you asking for more, there is kayaking, canoeing and canyoning waiting for you.

Medieval week, Visby, Sweden

Visby is an enchanting Swedish town situated on the west coast of Gotland Island. A visit to this Hanseatic town will take you on a historical trip to the medieval era. August is the best time to fly to Visby, as it hosts a medieval week every year in August, complete with authentic dress, feast and jousting. This city which brims with cultural heritage is home to incredible medieval architecture, and makes for an ideal backdrop for the medieval week. You can marvel and watch in awe as the street shows, street theatre, fire shows and church concerts unfold before your eyes. This is also a fabulous opportunity to see a delightful mix of nobles, monks and knights, and feast on the wonderful cuisine from the medieval kitchen. This quaint city dotted with cobbled-stone streets is also home to a 13th century church. And while you are experiencing the festivities, do not forget to take a tour of the old town. Another feature that catches the fancy of tourists is the three- kilometre long 13th century wall, which once protected Visby from intruders.